IRAS Point Source Catalog

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The IRAS Point Source Catalog consists of 245,889 sources found and verified by the IRAS (InfraRed Astronomy Satellite). In addition to B1950 positions, flux densities in Janskys (10^-26 W m^-2 Hz^-1) are provided at 12.5, 25, 60, and 100 m^-6 (microns). An L following a flux density indicates that the preceding number is an upper limit; i.e. the source was not detected at that wavelength. Unlike those in the PPM and SAO catalogs, IRAS sources are not uniformly distributed across the sky--IRAS Point Sources tend to be near the galactic equator.

IRAS is a binary version of the IRAS Point Source Catalog ordered by right ascension, as it is distributed. It can be searched by siras (which calls scat) and plotted by skymap.
A 5,742,348-byte gzipped tar file containing this catalog is available here in Sun/Mac byte order (readable by scat at iras.tar.gz

Detailed descriptions of the binary header format and binary entry format are available.

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