ASCII Catalog Flags

WCSTools Catalogs

Switches following the catalog name on the first line of the catalog file can change what is expected in each entry. They are single letters, separated by a leading "/". Case does not matter. For example, "catalog name/h/b" sets the default format,with "h" representing the hh.mmsss/dd.mmsss position format and "b" indicating that the position is B1950. The switch meanings are:

/a Positions are in fractional radians.
/b Positions are B1950 (equator and equinox 1950.0) right ascension and declination (default)
/d Positions are in fractional degrees.
/e Positions are ecliptic longitude and latitude in degrees (/d not needed)
/f Right ascension is in fractional hours; declination is in fractional degrees.
/g Positions are galactic longitude and latitude in degrees (/d not needed)
/h Positions are right ascension and declination as hh.mmssss and dd.mmssss or hh:mm:ss.sss and dd:mm:ss.sss. Only one digit of hours or degrees is necessary, but leading zeroes must be present for minutes and seconds. The number of digits of fractional seconds may vary from zero, in which case no decimal point is necessary, to ten, where significance is lost. (default)
/i Ignore information after position and magnitude.
/j Positions are J2000 (equator and equinox 2000.0) right ascension and declination
/k Positions are right ascension in fractional hours and declination in fractional degrees (Added in WCSTools 3.7.9)
/m No magnitude is present. Use this only if the catalog is being used only for map centers.
/number There are number magnitudes per star, after the right ascension and declination on the line. (Added in WCSTools 2.8.4)
/n The source number is omitted from the beginning of the line.
/o The object name replaces the source number at the beginning of the line.
/p Proper motions in right ascension and declination (arcseconds per year) follow the magnitude.
/q Coordinate system (J2000, B1950, etc.) provided following each right ascension and declination. (added in WCSTools 2.6)
/r Entries are sorted in increasing right ascension. This speeds up searches. (added in WCSTools 2.5)
/s Two-character spectral type (or other code) follows magnitude, if present, and precedes velocity, if present. (added in WCSTools 2.8.5)
/t Positions are right ascension as hh mm ss.sss dd mm ss.sss. The leading zeroes may be omitted on hours, degrees, minutes, and seconds, and fractional seconds are optional.
/u Catalog positions are in hhmmss.s ddmmss.s as used by the UZC.
/v Radial velocity is included after magnitude(s) and before epoch.
/x X Y format (x.xxxxxx y.yyyyy) instead of sky position.
/y Column after magnitude (and proper motion and velocity, if present) contains the epoch of observation as a date in the format yyyy.mmdd. If >3000, the epoch is assumed to be the Modified Julian Date. The ISO format, yyyy-mm-ddThh:mm:ss.sss, is also supported. (Added in WCSTools 2.6, updated in WCSTools 3.2)