Yale Bright Star Catalog 5 (BSC5) Binary Entry Format

Each catalog entry in BSC5 and BSC5ra contains 32 bytes with the following information:
Real*4 XNO		Catalog number of star
Real*8 SRA0		B1950 Right Ascension (radians)
Real*8 SDEC0		B1950 Declination (radians)
Character*2 IS		Spectral type (2 characters)
Integer*2 MAG		V Magnitude * 100
Real*4 XRPM		R.A. proper motion (radians per year)
Real*4 XDPM		Dec. proper motion (radians per year)

Sample Entries

The first and last entries in the Yale Bright Star (BSC5) catalog file are:

sbsc5 SCAT WCSTools 3.9.6, 31 August 2020, Jessica Mink
BSC_number  RA2000       Dec2000       Mag Type
  0001  00:05:09.900 +45:13:45.00   6.70  A1
  9110  00:05:06.200 +61:18:51.00   5.80  B8

The first and last entries in the RA-sorted BSC5ra catalog file are:

BSC_num   RA2000       Dec2000     Mag Type
009077 00:00:19.200 -44:17:26.00  6.29  G3
009076 23:59:55.000 -65:34:38.00  4.50  B9