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Astronomical Abstracts and Preprints

Astrophysical Data System Abstract Service
A full-text searchable archive of abstracts for major astronomical publications since 1975. Full text of some articles, including illustrations, is available.
ESISBIB: European Space Information System Bibliographic Service
This is a searchable abstract of European astronomical journals.
NRAO Publication-related Resources
Contains hypertext pointers to many sources of astronomical preprints and abstracts, as well as some full-text sources.
Los Alamos astro-ph astrophysics preprint server
Alternate URL to astro-ph astrophysics preprints
Preprints of most recent, not-yet-published astrophysics papers.
SISSA Preprint Server
Search and download preprints from this server.

Astronomical Journals

Journals of the American Geophysical Union
Contents of recent issues, including abstracts of papers are online.
JGR-Planets has author info, free recent tables of contents, and full text back to 1994 for subscribers.
JGR-Space Physics has author info, free recent tables of contents, and full text back to 1994 for subscribers.
Radio Science, which includes radio astronomy technical issues, has author info, free recent tables of contents, and full text back to 1994 for subscribers.
EOS, their weekly newsletter, is only partially on-line.
A quarterly publication, started in the winter of 2000, has tables of contents online for free and a reasonable institutional subscription rate.
The Astronomical Journal (AJ)
Starting in January 1998, there is an electronic edition as well as the usual author guidelines and subscription information. The online edition is available in HTML, PDF, or Postscript. Access was free until mid-1998, after which it became limited.
Astronomy and Astrophysics
Policies and access to special issues on ISO and Ulysses. Full online access is available through Springer-Verlag's Physics Online Library (POL)®.
The Astrophysical Journal (ApJ)
The full journal has been online since January 1, 1997, with access limited since April 14, 1997. Back issues since 1996 are available online.
The Astrophysical Journal Letters
All contents from September 1, 1995 in HTML format, with JPEG figures. Current issues of the Letters appear here approximately one month before the cover date.
Central Bureau for Astronomical Telegrams
This nonprofit organization, with principal funding coming from subscriptions to its various services, is responsible for the dissemination of information on transient astronomical events, via the IAU Circulars (IAUCs), a series of postcard-sized announcements issued at irregular intervals as necessary in both printed and electronic form.
Discovery and New Frontiers Program Newsletter
NASA's small-class Discovery missions and the medium-class New Frontiers missions complement NASA's flagship missions to meet the many scientific and technical challenges of deep space exploration. This quarterly newsletter gives the current status of all of the interesting probes run out of this office.
Distant EKOs
The Kuiper Belt Electronic Newsletter, with news of discoveries, abstracts of published papers, titles of submitted papers, and pointers to conference contributions. It is available as HTML, Postscript, PDF, or LaTex online.
ESO Messenger
A quarterly journal presenting the European Southern Observatory's activities to the public (in Adobe PDF format).
Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta
The official journal of The Geochemical Society and The Meteoritical Society Elsevier has an excruciatingly slow web site which apparently supplies tables of contents and abstracts, with full published contents available to subscribers.
Icarus: International Journal of Solar System Studies
Tables of Contents since January 1996 and indices since 1989 are also available.
At the Academic Press IDEAL site, complete contents since January 1996 are available to registered users, and abstracts since January 1996 are available to everyone (for now).
The International Comet Quarterly
A non-profit scientific journaldevoted to the observation, news, and study of comets; it serves as a link between amateur and professional astronomers in the exchange of useful observations (following a standardized format) and news regarding all comets.
Meteorics & Planetary Science (MAPS)
The Journal of the Meteoritical Society publishes invited reviews surveying major topics in planetary science, research articles describing the results of major new studies, editorials on topics of current interest and book reviews. MAPS brings together professional scientists from a variety of backgrounds and disciplines including astronomy, chemistry, geology, physics, and biology The web site includes abstracts and tables of contents.
The Meteorical Bulletin
Announces new meteorites and gives basic characterizations and locations. Supplemental maps and photographs are provided at the Bulletin web site. It is published annually in a supplement to Meteoritics and Planetary Science Current issues are available in PDF format; older issues in both PDF and HTML.
Publications of the Astronomical Society of the Pacific (PASP)
Since January 1998, there has been an electronic edition as well as the usual author guidelines and subscription information. The online edition is available in HTML, PDF, or Postscript. Access is free for now. The Astronomical Society of the Pacific has a lot of other information on their web site. Tables of contents and abstracts are available from January, 1992 to December 1997.
"The Magazine of SETI and Bioastronomy" provides both professional and amateur astronomers with information concerning SETI (Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence) and bioastronomy. Tables of Contents for all past issues and a summary of articles in the current issue are provided, as well as pointers to other SETI news.

Astronomical Magazines

AstroAlert News Service
An e-mail news service to alert small-telescope users to significant happenings in the sky -- those that involve especially rare events or require immediate follow-up observations worldwide. You can subscribe to notification of events concerning Comets, Extragalactic Supernovae, Gamma-ray bursters, Meteors, Minor planets (asteroids), Neutrino-detected supernovae, Novae, Occultations, Planetary, Solar Activity/Auroras/Geophysical Phenomena, and Variable Stars, using the online subscription form.
Current and future tables of contents and subscription information Astronomy.Com has up-to-date news and many other astronomical features.
Published by the Astronomical Society of the Pacific and written for the motivated non-specialist, Mercury features nontechnical articles on astronomy research, education, history, and public policy. Tables of contents plus summaries of major articles are online.
Planetary Science Research Discoveries
An educational site at the University of Hawaii devoted to sharing discoveries being made in planetary and space sciences by NASA-sponsored scientists with the rest of the world. It is a "link for education, planetary and space sciences, and for learning how science works."
Que tal in the Current Skies
An online monthly newsletter about looking at the night sky by Bob Riddle, director of the Kansas City Missouri School District Planetarium.
Sky & Telescope
Current contents and coming attractions, plus the contents for the past 10 years. The Sky Publishing Corporation page has useful news and observing information.
An online publication of space science, technology, and policy.
Yahoo's list of astronomical magazines

Astronomy in Other Media

Earth and Sky
This daily US public radio feature from the University of Texas started out being entirely about astronomy but has expanded to include earth science and biology as well. Their web site still presents a daily chart of an interesting night sky event.
The Sky at Night
This web site for Patrick Moore's long-running (42 years and counting) BBC radio show about astronomy features a broadcast schedule, astronomical news, a quiz, and help selecting a telescope.
Jack Horkheimer's syndicated US TV series on naked-eye astronomy, formerly Star Hustler is carried on many PBS stations in the US. The web site contains scripts, schedules, and other information.


Space Science Board Reports
The National Academies Press publishes reports on astronomical topics from the Space Science Board
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