Galactic structure from the Spacelab infrared telescope. I - 2.4 micron map

Kent,S.M., Mink, D., Fazio, G., Koch, D., Melnick, G., Tardiff, A., Maxson, C.
Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics, Cambridge, Massachusetts 02138


The Infrared Telescope, flown aboard the Space Shuttle as part of the Spacelab-2 mission, scanned a large fraction of the sky at 2.4 microns with a resolution of approximately 1 deg. A calibrated map of the Galactic plane in the region -20-120 deg l and -30-30 deg b. The photometry is accurate to a surface brightness of mu K = 20.0 mag/arcsec. Aside from uncertainties in the magnitude zero-point, the data agree quite well with previous maps derived from balloon experiments, except that some systematic differences at high Galactic longitudes are evident. These data will permit more extensive modeling of the 2.4-micron emissivity in the Milky Way than has been possible previously.

Published in 1992 in Astrophysical Journal Supplement Series 9, Volume 78, pages 403-408.

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