February 1997

The Whipple Observatory on Mt. Hopkins is the site of the northern 2MASS telescope. while this is a view of the site from above. The 2MASS telescope enclosure is the third dome from the left.
First the two main pieces of the telescope are loaded on a truck, waiting to go up the mountain. Then the truck caries them (carefully!) up the moutain...
and up... and finally backs them up to a crane at the telescope dome.
The crane is then used to lift the first piece through the dome slit... and bring it inside the dome.
This is followed by the main telescope body... It wasn't immediately obvious that the tube would fit through the dome opening.
which is also brought inside... Wade Poteet unhooking the crane.
Positioning the horseshoe on the right ascension roller bearings. where all the pieces must be put back together.
Wade Poteet and Ed Hileman make final preparations are made before removing the dummy mirror. The primary mirror is supported by thin invar rods projecting from a Wiffle Tree.  
Wade Poteet and Dan Neff holding the primary mirror lifting fixture. Wade Poteet lifting the primary mirror from its storage box.

2MASS Telescopes