Remembering Nat Carleton

CARLETON, Nathaniel Phillips: Harvard-Smithsonian Astrophysicist, Age 90, of Cambridge,
died February 25th from complications of Parkinson's disease.

Remembrances From IOTA Collaborators

EP:I used to sit and watch the sunset with Nat at IOTA. He insisted that stopping work to contemplate nature was good for the mind… He will be missed.
PSchloerb:I'm very sad to hear this. Nat was a great guy and someone I looked up to from the beginning of the IOTA collaboration.
RM-G:Very sad news. Nat was an important mentor and friend for many of us.
IPIt is a sad day ...
VCF:Very sad news indeed. I remember his soft voice and elegant manners as he was always ready to give us the advice we needed.
GP:I am very sad as all of us. Nat was such a nice person and great scientist. He played a big role with Wes in my career. One of great scientists of IOTA.
JM:I've thought of Nat often since leaving CfA and sad to hear this news. He was a great mentor and he and Kay were very welcoming to Andrea and I -- we shared a love of huskies though we never went so far as to have our copious husky fur made into yarn as Nat/kay did!
MLSaddened to learn Nat has passed on. He was a great person to be with early in my career and showed the practical can do spirit of making sure that things got done, even if you had to spend time in the shop or drive the truck to get things done.
IOTA on mountain road
Nat driving the truck with one
of the IOTA telescope shelters
up the narrow Mt. Hopkins road.
Nat with family
Nat and his family at the Whipple Observatory Visitors' Center
in 2012
Nat with IOTA
Nat testing one of the IOTA siderostats
before it was installed